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The Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast was started from Nathan’s desire to help PT owners achieve what he and many other successful owners have achieved - Freedom and Profit!  He noticed that physical therapy clinic owners are masters at creating freedom for their patients..... yet rarely experience it themselves.  So Nathan has focused his efforts, via his podcast and one-on-one business coaching, on those things that will get PT Owners MORE FREEDOM and GREATER PROFITS.

As they listen to the podcast, what PT owners will learn is that the path to success is a rather simple formula that most of the successful guests have followed.  The formula is – Reach Out, Step Out, and Network.

REACH OUT - reach out and get a mentor, coach, consultant.  Someone who can teach you the business aspects you need to be a successful business owner.  If you don't have someone in mind, check out my Coaching page!

STEP OUT - step out of treating patients full-time and start focusing on the business.  I haven't interviewed a successful PT owner yet who is treating full-time.

NETWORK - meet and connect with other small business owners or PT mastermind groups.  These provide support and guidance to help you navigate the many challenges that inevitably come with ownership.

The mission of PT Owners Club Podcast is to become THE resource and inspiration for successful physical therapy business ownership.  

On the Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast we interview successful business owners and leaders to gain from their experience – how they overcame challenges, resources that were valuable in their growth, and what, ultimately, led to their success.Independent clinic owners will be inspired to grow and lead their clinics to be thriving, growing practices where they can create the business and life that they want.


Nathan has been practicing physical therapy since 1999 and started his first practice in 2002 in Chandler, AZ – Pinnacle Physical Therapy – with the encouragement and support of his amazing wife, Whitny.  Soon thereafter he opened another clinic in Florence, AZ with his partner, Will Humphreys, and they eventually owned 4 clinics in AZ under the name Rise Rehabilitation Specialists.  In late 2016 Nathan and his family of 9(!) moved to Alaska to start another PT company, Rise Diagnostics (www.RiseEMG.com), focused on EMG and MSKSUS diagnostic testing.

The vision and values that Nathan and Will once developed for Rise Rehab are now perpetuating and growing on a greater scale.  In 2018 they sold Rise Rehab and helped create Empower PT, which is based in Arizona with multiple locations across the Southwest.   Now Nathan provides one-on-one business coaching to individual business owners who are looking to gain greater Freedom and more Profit.

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