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Owning a PT clinic isn't easy - seeing patients full-time (plus overtime) and trying to run the business during the in-between's, before and after work, and even on weekends! When you consider the sacrifices you make - time, family, freedom, and occasionally, profits - it can lead to burn-out pretty quickly.

No owner should have to get to that point. That's why I believe in the Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast and am coaching PT owners on how to obtain the freedom and wealth that I (and others) have obtained.

Committing yourself to become a leader in your business translates into generating a greater impact in the community, feeling less stress, having more freedom to be with loved ones, and creating a business that fulfills your financial goals! It's a transformation from stressed-out/burned-out to "I'm in charge and have all the time I need to accomplish my goals".
Who is this coaching program for?

Are You a Physical Therapist that's struggled with...

Financial Stress
Making a profit and building wealth is fundamental to fulfilling your purpose as a PT clinic owner. I'll provide you the framework to generate greater profits
Marginal Productivity
Is you clinic running at peak efficiency? Your team's buy-in and the tracking of certain key indicators are necessary to maximizing the productivity of your clinic.
Owner Burnout
Working 60 hours a week is not what most PT owners dream of. I'll provide you guidance you need to move from a full-time PT to a full-time business owner (who treats if/when they want to)

Here's what you're going to get when you join my coaching program

Component 1

Immediate Support for Your Most Urgent Issues:

The benefit of having a personal, one-on-one coach is the flexibility of providing immediate support for your most pressing problems. Although there is a program and process in place for your development we can always pivot and address those things that are bothering you most. 

It's important to note here that I don't have ALL the answers. However, if I don't have the answer I have an extensive network of professionals that I can leverage to get you the help or answers you need.
Component 2

Focus on Your Financial and Professional Progress:

Everything in my coaching program is focused on helping you attain your financial and professional goals as a business owner. Maximizing revenues and leading your clinical team are the two of your jobs as an owner. 

Thus we'll focus on what it takes for you to transform you business into a revenue-generating machine that is not dependent on you to do all of the work. Imagine a clinic that runs for weeks at a time without you being there.
Component 3

Regular Training and Accountability Meetings:

Making significant changes in your company will require regular, ongoing meetings. We'll meet 2x per month (and in-between, if necessary) to train you on the critical aspects of being an owner, the statistics and programs that you need to implement and track, and ensure you are staying on the path to your goals.

For most owners it's comforting and supportive to know they can talk about their PT business with someone who knows their struggles, knows the landscape, and has succeeded in the business.
Working 60 plus hours per week and worrying about costs and overhead. Barely seeing my family during waking hours. Meeting Nathan was a huge blessing. He helped me see that I can not carry the business while being the primary clinician. He helped guide me to make good decisions. 

I still have a full case load, but have time built in to work on the business and have learned how to better delegate to other clinicians and support staff.
Dr. R. Ryan Wooley
All KPI statistics were going down. I had to empty my personal savings account to keep up with payroll. Having to pull my family’s safety net from under us was immensely stressful. Every payroll cycle I would worry about keeping up with demand. 

Nathan helped me figure out how to address problem areas and encouraged me to start keeping new statistics to better address our new and changing needs. We saw movement in our once-stalled cash flow. Employees are more engaged during meetings and take pride in our success. There has been a ripple effect of positivity throughout the clinic. We have turned things around and have a plan going forward. It is not an overstatement to say that his program and consultation helped save my business. I could not ask for better results.
Pratik Shah
This goes beyond just your business
our transformation into a successful business owner will not only effect your clinic but also have a significant impact on:

Your family

Your patients

Your community

Your employee's lives, and most importantly....


What is it worth to have more time with your family, less stress in your life, and greater hope for the future?

Join The PTO Coaching Program & Accelerate Your Business Tday

Here's What You'll Get

Training and Guidance sessions 2x per month
Access to my knowledge network of uber-successful PT professionals
Guaranteed increased revenues when following my coaching program
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I personally cannot wait to guide you over these next 12 weeks…
Over the years I've learned that every successful PT Owner whom I've met or interviewed has followed the same formula to achieve their goals, and I've boiled it down to a simple mantra: Reach Out - Step Out - Network. The formula is simple but the execution is not. 

That's why I started the Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast and provide one-on-one coaching support. Making the transformation from PT to Owner often requires some guidance (reach out), transitioning out of patient care (step out), and collaborating with others (network). 

Those who follow this formula inevitably have a greater impact in their community, more time with their loved ones, less stress(!), and become the leaders that they want to be.
Nathan Shields
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