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PTO 60 | Living Your Core Values
  An organization needs to adhere to its values in order for growth to thrive. Stephen Rapposelli’s turning point in his clinic came when decided to implement some structure and identify what his company stood for and how they got things done. As you’ll hear in his story, once he and his team decided to clarify their core values and begin working, hiring, firing, evaluating, and championing their values, the productivity, culture, and profits significantly
PTO 59 | Growing Your Practice
  How do you work 60 hours a week and still grow your practice? This is an issue at the heart of PTO Club’s target audience, and Dr. Jamey Schrier, PT joins us to talk about it. Jamey is the Founder and CEO of The Practice Freedom Method, a business training for physical therapists who want financial prosperity and a better quality of life. Running a practice involves a ton of responsibilities and demands on
PTO 58 | How To Network
  Networking, when leveraged correctly, can be a huge boost to your personal and professional life. Jarom Schmidt is not only an example of that, he wrote a book about it called Networking: From College to Career. He is a natural networker and his professional life has shown the benefits of it. Today, he shares with us not only why we should intentionally network, but also how to do it and do it well. Remember,
PTO 57 | State Of Rehab Therapy
  There are opportunities out there that we can and should take advantage of to improve our practice. Looking for these opportunities from a unique perspective, Heidi Jannenga, PT, DPT, ATC is back to discuss the results of WebPT’s “The State of Rehab Therapy – 2019” and takes on the challenge to address the obstacles and detriments to the profession. As Heidi breaks these down, arm yourself with the data to work from and grow your
PTO 56 | Elevating Relationships With Physicians
  As important as it is to have a good relationship with your patients, it is also very necessary to put attention to elevating relationships with physicians. Clinic Director at Therapeutic Associates Physical Therapy, Matt Booth, PT, DPT has created an ideal model for collaboration with local physicians by establishing a peer-to-peer relationship through the FDM (Fascial Distortion Model) techniques. Also the Cofounder of the Fascial Distortion Model Academy, Matt teaches this technique to physicians across the
PTO 55 | Recruiting Physical Therapists
  Is it easy for you to find a good, qualified physical therapist? If so, this episode isn’t for you. Congratulations! For the rest of us, recruiting quality physical therapist is a chore, and not an easy one at that. Will Humphreys, PT has found a way that’s been successful for him. Over the years, and now as the VP of Talent Acquisition and Development at Empower PT, he has developed a way of helping
PTO 53 | Provider Production
  Shaun Kirk, PT is back! Our last interview with Shaun has been the most listened-to episode of the podcast over the first year, and he’s got more to share! He discussed the six areas of practice that all owners need to be aware of in our first episode. In this episode, Shaun shares with us the three areas of provider production that need to be addressed. It’s easy to see when a PT in
PTO 54 | Patient Experience
  No business can level up their patients’ experience if they don’t understand the customer’s journey. The host of Healthcare DisruPTion Podcast, Jerry Durham, PT, has built a reputation in the PT industry as an outspoken expert who sees things with a different perspective. Jerry and his partner, Sturdy McKee, decided to take their physical therapy practices out-of-network before it was trendy or even a consideration for most PT owners. However, because of his view on things,
  It’s been a year! I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far and the guests I’ve been able to have on the podcast! I’m really proud of the content that we’ve been able to share, it’s invaluable to PT owners (if I do say so myself). There are some episodes that stick out, and we’ll discuss those today. There are also some things that I’ve learned which I’ll share as well. In order to do that we’re switching
PTO 51 | Wealth And Stability
  The common way of thinking when it comes to harnessing and mastering our craft is through continued education. However, for those of us whose time is not really on our side, it is not that efficient to take more and more courses while expecting to grow any time soon. Creator of coach and consultant companies called PT Builder and Smart Success PT, Greg Todd, PT took a U-turn after spending years trying to master

Nathan Shields,

The Physical Therapy Owners Club Podcast was started from Nathan’s belief that physical therapy clinic owners are masters at creating stability and freedom for their patients yet…. rarely experience it themselves. AND the path to success, stability, and freedom is rather simple – Reach Out, Step Out, and Network.

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