Transforming PT Owners Into Leaders

PT Owners are Masters (Doctors even!) at providing stability and freedom for their patients but RARELY experience it themselves

Increased Revenue in 30 Days
This one stat, if measured and addressed with your provider team, will increase your revenues within 30 days. Just leave your name and email below.
Increased Revenue in 30 Days


Attract new patients and engage past patients. These episodes will do that.


These episodes will focus on helping you become a better leader, manning the helm of your business


Production and productivity boosting strategies for your clinic.
Over the years I've learned that every successful PT Owner whom I've met or interviewed has followed the same formula to achieve their goals, and I've boiled it down to a simple mantra: Reach Out - Step Out - Network. 

That's why I started the Physical Therapy Owners Club podcast and provide one-on-one coaching support.

Nathan Shields
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The PTO Club Podcast

Increased Cash Flow In 30 Days: Step One Of The Peak Productivity Program

  Are you in a place now where you're struggling to grow and increase your clinic’s cash flow? Host, Nathan Shields, helps you in this new series that breaks down […]
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How To Transition Out Of Full-Time Patient Care With Tom Dalonzo-Baker

  Tom Dalonzo-Baker is well known for his work as the Founder of Total Motion Release Seminars, but in his past he is also a successful PT clinic(s) owner that […]
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The Successful Transition Out Of Full-Time Patient Care With Aisha Wilbur, PT, DPT

  Transitioning from a small to a big business owner involves a lot of elements to tackle, including handling a bigger staff and balancing a busier timeframe. Parents who are […]
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