Physical Therapy Clinic Owners are MASTERS at creating stability and freedom in their patients' lives, YET rarely experience it themselves. AND the first step to success is as simple as reaching out. PT ownership requires its owners to juggle a lot – productivity and efficiency from themselves and their teams, management of human resources, marketing, healthcare regulations, etc. – all to fulfill their dreams of business stability, freedom, and affecting lives for good. At the heart of it they are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need resources to thrive, grow, and succeed. IF you’re a PT clinic owner and trying to get your clinic off the ground or grow your business, you can always learn from others who have been there, done that. PT Owners Club will introduce you to fellow PT Owners who will share their paths to stability, freedom, and success! Join the club!




  It’s been a year! I can’t believe that I’ve made it this far and the guests I’ve been able to have on the podcast! I’m really proud of the content that we’ve been able to share, it’s invaluable to PT owners (if I do say so myself). There are some episodes that stick out, and we’ll discuss those today. There are also some things that I’ve learned which I’ll share as well. In order to do that we’re switching
PTO 51 | Wealth And Stability
  The common way of thinking when it comes to harnessing and mastering our craft is through continued education. However, for those of us whose time is not really on our side, it is not that efficient to take more and more courses while expecting to grow any time soon. Creator of coach and consultant companies called PT Builder and Smart Success PT, Greg Todd, PT took a U-turn after spending years trying to master
PTO 50 | Patient Experience
  Some businesses struggle with connecting and keeping patients, especially in the PT industry. The secret to this is always being able to create an excellent customer experience. David Self, the Director of Product Strategy for the software company, Keet Health, shares what he learned from the internet software realm and how it can be incorporated into the physical therapy business. Focusing on making the treatment experience for provider and patient more comfortable, basic, and
PTO 49 | Cash-Based Physical Therapy
  Have you ever dreamed of what life would be like if you didn’t have to deal with insurance companies? The vision is beautiful, isn’t it? Thankfully for pioneers like Dr. Aaron LeBauer, PT, DPT, we know that it’s not just a far-off dream but is an obtainable reality. Aaron has never worked in anything besides a cash-based practice outside of his internships, and thus knows the details that guarantee success in that setting. It’s
PTO 48 | Marketing ROI
  One of the primary concerns of many private practice owners is acquiring new patients. Breaking down all the process and costs that entails, Steve Stalzer, co-founder of 8150 Advisors, is back to help us as he finishes off this two-part interview on growing your own private practice. This time, Steve shares the ROIs of marketing – how to easily break down the monetary efficiency of our marketing efforts and what it actually costs to
PTO 47 | PT And Owner Relationship
  Kim Rondina, DPT of Wisdom PT Coach, knows what it’s like to develop leadership teams and build a thriving practice as she’s done both successfully. However, as she coaches and trains PTs and their bosses, she is noticing that there can frequently be a gap between what the PT and owner are wanting from each other. What she notices is that if the owner, the leader, will take the time to really listen to
PTO 46 | PT Clinic Systems
  To achieve the best results for your business, you should be more innovative and open to new ideas in creating systems that would make your staff and your client’s life easier. Owner of Total Motion Release, Tom Dalonzo-Baker spent years developing his physical therapy skills to the benefit of his patients and staff and, intuitively, took those same systematization procedures to overhaul his front desk and billing operations. A physical therapist for over twenty
PTO 45 | Expansion
  Dr. Tim Thorsen, DPT has had a lot of success in gradually expanding and stabilizing his physical therapy company. Although he had done that in many different ways, Tim had found how it was when he relied on the right people, who are aligned with his company, that he has been most successful. This goes back to Jim Collins’ Good to Great principle – first who, then what. Tim shares how he applied this
PTO 44 | PT Clinic Valuations
  After sharing his professional story, Steve Stalzer, PT is back for the second time to tell us about the valuations of physical therapy clinics and the three factors that can improve our EBITDA. As founder of 8150 Advisors, a PT consulting firm, Steve has guided owners across the country how to calculate and improve the value of their private practices. In doing so, owners have created businesses that not only provide them greater profits
PTO 43 | Social Media
  Owner of Crom Rehabilitation, Dr. Roy Rivera, Jr., PT, PhD, DPT, MCHES isn’t a social media expert. However, he has leveraged social media and his clinic’s specialization to become the number one result on Google and Yelp for “Houston Physical Therapy.” Considering how huge Houston is and adding that to the fact that Roy has only been in practice for four years, this feat is undeniably amazing. Roy tells us how he did it.