Physical Therapy Clinic Owners are MASTERS at creating stability and freedom in their patients' lives, YET rarely experience it themselves. AND the first step to success is as simple as reaching out. PT ownership requires its owners to juggle a lot – productivity and efficiency from themselves and their teams, management of human resources, marketing, healthcare regulations, etc. – all to fulfill their dreams of business stability, freedom, and affecting lives for good. At the heart of it they are entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurs need resources to thrive, grow, and succeed. IF you’re a PT clinic owner and trying to get your clinic off the ground or grow your business, you can always learn from others who have been there, done that. PT Owners Club will introduce you to fellow PT Owners who will share their paths to stability, freedom, and success! Join the club!




PTO 11 | Key Metrics
  What does your dashboard look like? Not in your car, in your business. KPIs or key performance indicators are the dashboard to tell you how your business is running. Chuck Felder of HCS Consulting breaks down the key metrics for running your clinic and discusses the importance of tracking and monitoring those. Chuck has used his PT and MBA degrees to become an expert in PT business metrics, and shares his wealth of knowledge
PTO 10 | Physical Therapy Coaching
  Not a lot of PT clinic owners are focused on what it takes to create a business that is less dependent upon them as owners. Oftentimes, systems and training, coaching, mentoring, or other accountability methods in order to keep PT clinics in check can be overlooked in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle. Here to share his expertise is Sturdy McKee. Sturdy has built a strong, thriving out-of-network PT business in San Francisco
PTO 09 | Raving Superfans
  What’s the secret to creating loyal, returning patients? It’s not all about the therapy. It’s about the patient experience before, during, and after they’ve received your care. Neil Trickett, PT and founder/CEO of Practice Promotions shares the secrets to creating raving superfans. Neil says when you create raving superfans, the domino effect begins – patients complete their plans of care and are happy to pay for your services, they return to you when they’re
PTO 08 | Getting Up To Date On The Changes
  Jerry Henderson got into physical therapy the same way a lot of physical therapists did, as a patient. Jerry was fourteen years old when he had a skiing accident that fractured his femur and left him hooked on a skeletal traction for about a month and a hip spike for about six weeks. After going through the treatment with a guy who was helping him get mobile again, he understood what physical therapy is
PTO 07 | Growing A Business
  A lot of physical therapists don’t consider what it takes to be great businessman or businesswoman and invest the time and energy into that like they did to become good physical therapists. Blaine Stimac is one of the more successful PT owners who has 23 practices across four states and is ranked #255 on the Inc. 5000 list. Blaine’s success is closely related to the systematic way in which he hires and trains his
PTO 06 | Issues Negatively Impacting PT Clinic Owners
  Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos passion for physical therapy is obvious, and his vision is unique and outside-the-box. He has a number of PT businesses and is successful in each one of them, thus he has a unique perspective on the state of physical therapy and the issues negatively impacting PT clinic owners and the profession today. However, he also has the answers to the three issues he presents. Following thru on each of those items
PTO 05 | Own Your Own Clinic
  Vinod is one of my favorite PT friends – he’s determined, focused, and gets what he wants, which shows in his ability to live in Florida while actively owning his PT practices in New York. He’s the epitome of what we strive for and tout in the Physical Therapy Owners Club. Success? Check. Stability? Check. Freedom? Double check. Having an uncle who is a vascular surgeon that did very well for himself in having
PTO 04 | Areas Every PT Owner Needs To Address
  Shaun Kirk, PT has been consulting physical therapy owners for longer than he’s been a physical therapist. This episode is a must-listen and my interview with Shaun Kirk is one that should be downloaded and replayed by every PT clinic owner and reviewed on a regular basis. Shaun shares from his experience of walking into over 140 clinics across the country to consult them, and having over 2000 PT owners walk through his doors
PTO 03 | How The Body Works
Sean Miller believes that we all have the ability to essentially win in life, if we just understand the abilities and processes to be able to win in life. He says that there are successful formulas and things that we can do to be able to win. Growing up as a kid, Sean liked to take things apart to understand how they work. As he got older, he got into sports which drew his natural
Will was mountain climbing with a girl he was dating when he fell 50 feet down and landed on both of his feet. He heard his legs snap immediately and put his hands out behind to brace himself, breaking his arms in the process, and ending up crumpled in a bush. He will never forget that day, Friday the 13th, 1993. All in all, small bones included, he broke over twenty bones and had eight